About Maria Aramanda

birdsMaria has been actively involved in real estate in the Long Beach area for many years and has been an integral force behind the city’s growth. She has contributed to its rediscovery and revitalization by generating interest in the upscale market and by developing and catering to the commercial sector. Long Beach has become a thriving beach community and a sought after suburban metropolis. As a former Associate Broker and Manager of one of the largest real estate franchises, Maria has had the opportunity to master every facet of the real estate business. Gull is not driven by mass volume sales and has no need to broadcast and push out numbers like other larger real estate agencies. As a boutique realtor, Gull and Maria are extremely dedicated to their clients and pride themselves on providing special attention to each and every one of them. Gull respects their clients’ need for privacy and does not disclose any information in any manner. Gull specializes in providing clients with the utmost care, confidentiality and intimacy that only a boutique real estate agency can deliver. For Maria it has all been about taking the time to help others fulfill their American dream. For the past two decades she has been and still is a resident of this beautiful oceanfront community. Her enthusiasm about the advantages of living by the sea only several miles from NYC has inspired hundreds of people over the years. Maria remains steadfast in her belief that the most marketable real estate in the world is always where the most beautiful beaches are located.